History of Cedar Cove

Cedar Cove, originally known as “Clovelly Lodge,” was built in 1883 by New Orleans financier Joseph Peet. In 1891, Troy industrialist Henry Burden II and his wife Julia purchased the property and renamed it Cedar Cove. In 1895 the Burdens built the boathouse which is considered one of Cazenovia’s most treasured historic buildings.

Fast forward to the late 1950s when Cedar Cove owner Mrs. H.P. Nelligan donated the main house to the Jesuits of Lemoyne College and commissioned Syracuse architect Barbara Lewis to build a smaller summer residence and rental guest cottage. Cedar Cove was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

A visit to Cedar Cove today offers a glimpse into a time when summer was more than a season, it was a way of life. From the Lake Fetes of the late 1800s to family gatherings of today, the spirit of graciousness and hospitality permeate the place and waters known as Cedar Cove. Perhaps this helps explain why fishing is so good off our shores—even the bass are on holiday!

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